Telescopic pipe-storage frame



The utility model discloses a telescopic pipe-storage frame which comprises a bottom frame. Telescopic mechanisms capable of telescoping vertically are arranged on two opposite side of the bottom frame and respectively connected with U-shaped frames. Openings of the U-shaped frames on two sides of the bottom frame are opposite; the opening of each U-shaped frame on one side of the bottom frame encases the opening of the corresponding U-shaped frame on the other side of the bottom frame. A plurality of grooves respectively for fixing one end of each of pipes are formed in the inner bottom surface of the bottom frame. The telescopic mechanisms are arranged to control at least one pair of U-shaped frames to do up and down movement, are capable of guaranteeing placement stability of the pipes after extending so as to prevent the pipes from inclining to be eccentric to topple over. After the telescopic mechanism on one side retracts, the pipes can be taken out. Since the U-shaped frames are respectively controlled by the telescopic mechanisms on two sides of the bottom frame, the process of synchronous adjustment of the telescopic mechanisms is omitted, operation is simplified, and the telescopic pipe-storage frame is applicable to mixed storage of the pipes in different length. The telescopic pipe-storage frame has the advantages of small space occupation, simple structure and convenience in use.




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