Bracket forging of motorcycle



The utility model discloses the bracket forging of a motorcycle, which comprises a bracket body, an upper fixed end and a lower fixed end. The bracket body, the upper fixed end and the lower fixed end are integrally forged. The bracket body is forged to be of an arc-shaped structure and is composed of an inclined part integrally connected with the lower fixed end, and a bent part integrally connected with the upper fixed end. The upper fixed end comprises a first punching part and a second punching part, wherein the two parts are respectively arranged at the two ends of the bent part to form a concave structure. The end surfaces of the first punching part and the second punching part are in the same plane. The lower fixed end comprises a straight part and a truncated part. The truncated part comprises a large end and a small end. The large end is integrally connected with the straight part. The small end is parallel to the end surfaces of the first punching part and the second punching part. The bracket forging of the motorcycle is reasonable in structure, strong in reliability and high in cost performance.




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