Automobile grating fixing structure



The utility model relates to the field of automobile components, especially to an automobile grating fixing structure which comprises an annular flange arranged on a front bumper sheath and an annular edge arranged on the edge of a front grating, wherein the annular flange is provided with a plurality of welding columns, and protruding limiting ribs are arranged on the upper and lower boarders of the annular flange. The upper and lower boarders of the annular edge are folded inwardly to form a step corresponding to the limiting ribs, and the annular ring is also provided with through holes corresponding to the welding columns. The front grating passes through the through hole by the welding columns and is fixed on the front bumper sheath, and the welding columns after melting form welding heads for limiting clamp connection through holes. The limiting ribs after the front grating is fixed onto the front bumper sheath are connected with a step. The automobile grating fixing structure is simple in forming, and all welding sheet are fused and welded properly through a welding tool during a fixing process. The automobile grating fixing structure is simple and is low in production cost, high in production efficiency, and worthy of promotion.




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