Comfortable and adjustable bed head of sleeping bed



The utility model discloses a comfortable and adjustable bed head of a sleeping bed, which solves the problem that when people lean against an existing bed head, the inclination angle cannot be adjusted according to postures and habits of people. According to the scheme, the comfortable and adjustable bed head of the sleeping bed comprises a base having a height equal to that of a bed body; the rear end of the base is provided with a wall leaning plate; the two ends of the upper surface of the base at the front end of the wall leaning plate are provided with fixing plates; a rotary shaft which is arranged at the front end of the upper surface of the base is rotatably arranged between the two fixing plates; a bed head leaning plate the inclination of which is adjustable and which can be used for positioning and stabilizing is fixed on the rotary shaft. According to the comfortable and adjustable bed head disclosed by the utility model, the angle of the bed head leaning plate of a pillow rest part of people can be adjusted, and a bidirectional ratchet wheel structure not only is suitable for the angle fine adjustment of the bed head leaning plate, but also reliably positions the bed head leaning plate; the bed head is safe and practical, and increases comfort in leaning for people; the base is internally provided with an object accommodating cabinet, and an effective space is utilized further.




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