Handset placing rack for salt spray test



The utility model relates to a technical field of handset detection test equipment, especially to a handset placing rack for salt spray test. The handset placing rack comprises a bottom plate in a strip shape and a pair of side plates oppositely arranged on two sides of a long edge of the bottom plate, and also comprises a plurality of separator plates which are arranged between two side plates to separate the side plates into handset placing positions; the bottom plate is provided with elongated and penetrating seepage grooves. In salt spray test, a handset is placed at a handset placing position formed by the separator plates; the handset is placed vertically so as to occupy less planar space and more handsets can be placed for test so as to reduce test cost; furtherly, handsets are vertically placed, so that salt spray drops fall timely, are discharged by the seepage grooves, and are not easy to enter the handsets, thereby avoiding circuit damage caused by salt spray penetration.




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