Bearing for transmission shaft



The utility model relates to a bearing for a transmission shaft, aiming at solving the technical problems that the traditional single-row channel bearing is less in the number of steel balls, the bearing is poor in the working stability, and bad in supporting rated load capability. In order to solve the problem, the utility model provides a bearing for the transmission shaft. The bearing comprises an inner ring and an outer ring, two rows of channels for installing of steel balls are arranged between the inner ring and the outer ring, steel ball retainers are arranged in the channels, and the steel balls are arranged in the steel ball retainers. According to the bearing for the transmission shaft, the traditional single-row channel bearing is changed into the double-row channel bearing, the number of steel balls of the bearing can be increased, so that the working stationarity of the bearing can be enhanced, the capability of supporting rated load by the bearing can be improved, and the service life of the bearing can be prolonged.




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