Engine oil filtering structure for lubricating oil passage of engine and filter element used by engine oil filtering structure



The utility model discloses a filter element for a lubricating oil passage of an engine. The filter element comprises a skeleton and a filter screen supported by the skeleton and braided by stainless steel wires, wherein a filter chamber is formed in the filter screen; an oil inlet is formed in the end, which is the head, of the skeleton, and is communicated with one end of the filter chamber; the position, close to the tail, of the skeleton forms a blind hole structure, and seals the other end of the filter chamber; an oil outlet is formed in the tail of the skeleton; the head and the tail of the skeleton have the same external diameter, and are in interference fit with a filter element mounting hole in the engine to fix the filter element; the part between the head and the tail of the skeleton has a small external diameter, and a gap is reserved between the part and the lubricating oil passage to form a lubricating oil circulation passage for the circulation of filtered cleaning lubricating oil. According to the filter element with the structure, the filtered lubricating oil can flow into different secondary oil passages through the gap between the engine oil filter element and the mounting hole, so that a function of lubricating a plurality of friction pairs by once filtration is realized; the filter element is simple in structure and convenient to disassemble and clean, and can be simply and rapidly assembled.




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