Double-driller-seat driller room



The utility model discloses a double-driller-seat driller room which comprises a driller room body, a first glass curtain wall located on the front portion of the driller room body, a second glass curtain wall, protection nets located above the first glass curtain wall and the second glass curtain wall, a main driller seat located right in front of the first glass curtain wall and an auxiliary driller seat located right in front of the second glass curtain wall. The main driller seat and the auxiliary driller seat are adjacently arranged, are of the same structure and are arranged in a mutually standby mode. The two sides of each driller seat are provided with a left multifunctional keyboard and a right multifunctional keyboard respectively, a front touch screen is arranged in front of each driller seat, an instrument and a gas control system are arranged in each front operating desk, and a multifunctional handle is arranged right in front of each front operating desk. The double-driller-seat driller room comprises the main driller seat and the auxiliary driller seat and is provided with a mode selecting switch, and therefore the double-driller-seat driller room can select to work in different modes according to well drilling conditions.




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