Equipment for producing polyamide 6POY (Pre Oriented Yarn) /FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn) complex fibers for high-speed spinning and winding one-step method



The utility model discloses equipment for producing polyamide 6POY (Pre Oriented Yarn) /FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn) complex fibers for a high-speed spinning and winding one-step method. A cooling device comprises a slowly cooling device which is installed below a spinneret plate and a loop air blast cooling device is installed below a heater of the slowly cooling device, so that melt squeezed from the spinneret plate passes through the cooling device, the effect of reducing the trickle cooling rate of the melt is achieved, and cooling of yarn beams is uniform and consistent. An oil spraying device is installed below the loop air blast cooling device. A stretching thermal forming device and a guide yarn winding device are arranged in a parallel mode, the stretching thermal forming device is used for preparing polyamide 6POY fully drawn yarns, the guide yarn winding device is used for preparing 6FDY fully drawn yarns, and a winding mechanism combines the polyamide 6POY yarns and the FDY yarns in 4000 to 5000 meters per minute. The equipment for producing the polyamide 6POY/FDY complex fibers for the high-speed spinning and winding one-step method has the advantages of being short in production process, simple in working procedure, low in preparation production cost, low in energy consumption and high in efficacy and enabling products to be diversified in structure and good in quality.




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