Packing box placement rack



The utility model provides a packing box placement rack. The packing box placement rack comprises a bracket body, wherein the bracket body comprises a support base; the support base is connected with vertical rods; a support surface is arranged on the upper parts of the vertical rods; the support surface is an inclined plane; the inclination angle is 30 degrees; a plurality of support rods are arranged on the inclined plane; the support rod at the bottommost end is a first support rod; a protecting device is arranged on the first support rod, and comprises a fixed block and a movable block; the fixed block and the movable block are respectively arranged on two sides of the first support rod; a cavity is formed below the movable block; the cavity is arranged on the first support rod in a sleeving manner; and four idler wheels are arranged below the support base. By adopting the packing box placement rack provided by the utility model, material packing boxes with different sizes can be supported, and the material packing boxes can be conveniently transferred and unloaded. Thus the hand labor intensity is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.




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