Automatic wire twisting and cutting mechanism of horizontal packer



The utility model relates to an automatic wire twisting and cutting mechanism of a horizontal packer, and belongs to the technical field of package machines. The automatic wire twisting and cutting mechanism is composed of a power source, a transmission device, a wire twisting device and a wire cutting device. The automatic wire twisting and cutting mechanism is characterized in that according to the number of tracks of steel wires needed for binding packaged materials, the wire twisting device is composed of multiple independent wire twisting units which are split and fixed on the same straight line at certain intervals through fasteners, then the common eccentric transmission mechanism is used for driving all the wire twisting units to achieve wire twisting actions, and full-automatic wire binding, twisting and cutting are achieved. The requirement for mechanism precision is low, processing and installing are simple and convenient, wire twisting is reliable, operation is convenient, the wire twisting mechanisms are the independent units, the distance between packing wires can be adjusted according to needs, and production efficiency is high.




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