Electric dust removal blackboard eraser



The utility model provides an electric dust removal blackboard eraser and belongs to the technical field of cultural and educational supplies. The problem that the dust flies in the sky when blackboards are cleaned is solved. The electric dust removal blackboard eraser is mainly formed by an eraser body, a body, fan blades, a dust collection bag, a cover plate, clamping grooves and clamping jaws; the eraser body is fixed on the body; the body comprises a body chamber, wherein the inside of the body chamber is hollow; a fan area is formed below the body; the fan blades which are driven by a motor are arranged in the fan area; a dust inlet is formed below the fan blades; the dust collection bag sleeves the portion located under the fan area; the clamping grooves are formed in the bilateral sides of the body respectively; the clamping jaws are arranged on bilateral panels of the cover plate respectively; the clamping jaws and the corresponding clamping grooves can be combined into a whole to form a dust collection chamber; the dust collection bag is located in the dust collection chamber. According to the electric dust removal blackboard eraser, a large amount of dust produced in the wiping process of a blackboard can be collected and accordingly the harm of the flying dust to the human body health is avoided.




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