Jointing clamp with surface cleaning function



The utility model relates to a jointing clamp with the surface cleaning function. The jointing clamp with the surface cleaning function comprises clamp heads, clamp handles and a wire. The clamp heads on the two sides are oppositely hinged to each other through a hinged shaft, the lower ends of the clamp heads on the two sides are provided with the clamp handles, and the clamp heads and the clamp handles are integrally formed through metal. The hinged shaft position on the inner side of each clamp head is provided with a pre-tightening spring, one side of the lower end of each clamp handle is connected with the wire, and the outer side face of each clamp head is provided with a metal filing face which is formed by a plurality of teeth longitudinally and evenly distributed at intervals or particles evenly distributed. The outer side of the jointing clamp is provided with a filing face structure, the surface of the clamped portion can be cleaned conveniently, surface oxidation or oil paint is removed, and accordingly effective conduction clamp is achieved.




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