Full-automatic numerical-control grinding machine for milling cutter groove backs and end teeth



The utility model relates to the technical field of numerical-control grinding machines, in particular to a full-automatic numerical-control grinding machine for milling cutter groove backs and end teeth. A supporting plate is arranged on a bench and is provided with a holding plate driven by a cylinder to move longitudinally, the holding plate is provided with an operation clamping frame driven by the cylinder to move transversely, and the operation clamping frame is provided with a mechanical clamping head which is capable of being driven through the cylinder to clamp a workpiece and is capable of driven by a motor to rotate; an arc sliding rail is arranged on the opposite side of the supporting plate and is slidably provided with a post, and the post is provided with a vertical guide rail slidably provided with a grinding head driven by the cylinder to move vertically. The machine has the advantages that the milling cutter groove back and end teeth are machined once, a high-speed resin grinding wheel is adopted for performing online trimming, milling cutter machining accuracy and efficiency are improved, production cost is reduced, the number of machining procedures of milling cutter is reduced to 7 from 12, the clamping number is reduced, and accuracy and efficiency are improved.




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