Explosion-proof maintenance cable reel



The utility model relates to an electrical appliance detection auxiliary apparatus, in particular, an explosion-proof maintenance cable reel. The explosion-proof maintenance cable reel is composed of a disc and a cable; the external sides of two ends of the disc are respectively provided with a baffle; a rotating shaft is installed at the axis of one end of the disc; at least one a set of explosion-proof socket is fixed at the other end of the disc; the explosion-proof socket is connected with the inner end of the cable; the cable is wound on the disc; the outer end of the cable is connected with an explosion-proof plug; the outer end of the rotating shaft is hinged with a vertical frame; the bases of the vertical frame are provided with more than one set of rolling wheel; the outer side of the vertical frame is provided with a rocking handle; and the rocking handle is fixedly connected with the outer end of the rotating shaft hinged on the vertical frame. The explosion-proof maintenance cable reel of the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design, little material consumption, low cost, being light and convenient, convenient movement, high flexibility, high take-up and pay-off speed, overall neatness of cable axes, capability of saving operation time and high work efficiency; and cable ends are explosion-proof plugging connection devices, and therefore, the explosion-proof maintenance cable reel further has the advantages of high plugging connection speed and high safety coefficient.




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