Upper air intake burner with cover plate



The utility model discloses an upper air intake burner with a cover plate, which relates to a burner. At present, a core pulling process is adopted by ejectors, machining is adopted for the communication of a distribution chamber, machining is inconvenient, and the efficiency is low. The upper air intake burner is characterized in that outer-circle mixing chambers are a first outer-circle mixing chamber, a second outer-circle mixing chamber and third outer-circle mixing chambers, the first outer-circle mixing chamber communicates with the middle of the second outer-circle mixing chamber, the left end and right end of the second outer-circle mixing chamber communicate with the two symmetrically arranged third outer-circle mixing chambers, the opening of the second outer-circle mixing chamber is forward, and the cover plate is arranged at the opening to close the second outer-circle mixing chamber; the third outer-circle mixing chambers are provided with upward outer-circle gas outlets. The technical scheme not only can ensure the smoothness and sealing property of the inner wall of an ejector, but also can solve the problem that the gas passage is hard to machine, the upper air intake burner is convenient to machine, and can be produced in one step by a mould, and the technological process is simplified.




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