Rubber gasket



The utility model discloses a rubber gasket. The rubber gasket comprises a stainless steel plate and a rubber gasket sheet, wherein the stainless steel plate is attached to the rubber gasket sheet; rubber particles which are the same in shapes and sizes are uniformly distributed on the surface of the rubber gasket sheet; a plurality of cords are arranged on the inner wall of the rubber gasket sheet. The rubber gasket is simple in structure and has high structural strength; by designing the stainless steel plate and the rubber particles, high-speed vibration resistance and impact extrusion resistance of the rubber gasket are improved; by designing eight cords, the friction resistance is enhanced, instruments are stabilized, and the rubber gasket is prevented from sliding off; the stainless steel plate and the rubber gasket are consistent in outer diameters, so that the entire rubber gasket has high practicability and is accordant with the pursuit of people on attractiveness.




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