Integrated A / O / MBBR reactor



The utility model aims to provide an A / O / MBBR reactor which is provided of a denitrification function. The A / O / MBBR reactor comprises a circular cylinder body, a water feeding-distributing device, suspended carriers I, a diving centrifugal aerator, suspended carriers II and an air feeding pipe, wherein the circular cylinder body is divided into an anoxic area, an aerobic area, a stream guiding area, a sludge-water separating area and a water collecting area by a plurality of concentric circle cylindrical separating plates; the water feeding-distributing device is arranged at the upper part of the anoxic area; the suspended carriers I are arranged in the middle of the anoxic area; the diving centrifugal aerator is arranged at the bottom of the anoxic area; the suspended carriers II are arranged in the middle of the aerobic area; the air feeding pipe is connected with the air feeding opening of the diving centrifugal aerator.




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