Cloth curtain push-pull mechanism for powder cabin material collecting opening



The utility model relates to a component for powder material discharging and transporting devices and the like of packaging and storage equipment and particularly to a cloth curtain push-pull mechanism for a powder cabin material collecting opening. The cloth curtain push-pull mechanism for the powder cabin material collecting opening comprises a powder cabin with the bottom provided with the material collecting opening and a powder trolley; bilateral sides of the material collecting opening are provided with a pair of guide rails; sliding blocks are arranged inside the guide rails; the sliding blocks are connected with the front end of a cloth curtain; elastic pin holes are formed in the sliding blocks; elastic pins are installed inside the elastic pin holes; upper ends of the elastic pins are provided with pressure springs; bottoms at front ends of the guide rails are provided with positioning pin holes; lower ends of the elastic pins can be popped downward into the positioning pin holes; middle portions of the elastic pins are provided with cross clamping pins; internal sides of the two sliding blocks are provided with hinged hanging plates; the front end and the rear end of every hanging plate are provided with a front hook and a rear hook; the hanging plates are provided with limit grooves; the clamping pins are arranged inside the limit grooves in a penetration mode; bilateral sides of the powder trolley are provided with stop pins; the stop pins and the sliding blocks can be hung or separated. The cloth curtain push-pull mechanism for the powder cabin material collecting opening has the advantages of driving the cloth curtain to be automatically collected and unfolded, preventing leaked powder falling off the ground to pollute the environment and being simple in integral structure, reliable in action and convenient to manufacture and install.




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