Wrench for machine tool chuck



The utility model relates to machine tool fixture accessories, and in particular relates to a wrench for a machine tool chuck. According to the wrench for the machine tool chuck, a connecting part is arranged on a handle in a sliding connection mode and can slide on the handle; in a specific application process, the connecting part can be moved to ensure that a main body is positioned at a proper position; if the connecting part is moved to the end part of the handle, the handle can be used as a stressing rod, so that a greater acting force can be obtained in a clamping process, and the wrench is very convenient to use; in addition, the stressing rod is arranged on the handle in the sliding connection mode to ensure that the stressing rod can be conveniently pulled out for use when the stressing rod needs to be used, and the stressing rod can be conveniently folded after being used, thus the space occupied by the wrench for the machine tool chuck when in storage can be reduced; moreover, when an operator clamps a work-piece by a single hand, the stressing rod can not fall off, thus the wrench disclosed by the utility model is convenient to use, and can be used for improving the safety performance when the wrench for the machine tool chuck is in use.




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