Lumber elevator platform cooling device



The utility model relates to a lumber elevator platform cooling device which is characterized in that round circulating condensate pipes and cooling air pipes which are distributed densely are arranged below a platform; water supplied by a refrigerating machine enters the condensate pipes through a water inlet pipeline, then enters a water return pipeline and returns to the refrigerating machine for medium circulation cooling; round cooling main air pipes in the winding direction of the water pipes are arranged below the circulating condensate pipes ; air is blown to the main air pipes by a high-pressure blower and blown to the condensate pipes by blowing nozzles uniformly distributed at the upper end; and cold air penetrates through the grid platform formed by vertical plates which are subjected to cross and grooved vertical welding and is blown to a workpiece for cooling. According to the lumber elevator platform cooling device, water cooling and air cooling are effectively utilized for cold radiation, so that the workpiece is cooled and avoids the quality problem caused by high-temperature deformation during welding, and meanwhile, the potential safety hazard caused by the fact that the workpiece is directly contacted with water and electricity is further prevented; and with the application and implementation of the technical scheme, the product quality is effectively improved, and the safety is guaranteed.




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